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Buy Real Instagram Likes if you are looking for a Boost for your Instagram profile, Mea Social Center is here to help!
(Country Targeted Likes Available)

These packages are for current posts, set your account as PUBLIC, please enter your POST URL LINK.

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High Quality Instagram Like Packages

EXAMPLE LINK: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGk-AAdj38d/

(Packages between 50 – 5000)

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Premium Quality Instagram Like Packages

EXAMPLE LINK: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGk-AAdj38d/

(Packages between 50 – 2000)

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Brazil Based Instagram Like Packages

EXAMPLE LINK: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGk-AAdj38d/

(Packages between 50 – 2000)

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Buying Instagram Likes from
Mea Social Center


The followers you have received by Mea Social Center are of the best quality with Country Targeted options!


All we need is your Instagram URL to send followers.

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Mea Social Center Q & A for Instagram Likes

If you have any questions about our follower services, you can take a look at our Question & Answers. If you have a different question, you can use live chat or contact us.

Will buying likes damage my account?

Instagram cannot block, ban or do anything to harm your account for buying likes. On the other hand, if Instagram would ban people for buying likes, anyone could just buy a couple of thousand likes for their competitor to get them banned. So no worries it is 100% safe.

Which package is the best for me?

We always provide the "Best Quality" option for the most different prices on the Internet. As for the right package for you, this will depend on your requirements. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that your number of followers is naturally proportional to your number of likes.

What is the benefit of buying Instagram likes?

It enhances web traffic! Instagram is one of the popular and strongest social media websites that most of the companies make use of to enhance online traffic of their website. If you buy real and active Instagram likes then chances are that you will have more organic followers for your site.

Why people buy Instagram likes?

Obviously this can be many reasons. People often buy this service to emphasize their profiles and get more interaction. Because the service is real, your photos or videos appear to more people, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Corporate accounts also use the service for the same purpose.

What is recommended amount of like?

How much you will buy depends entirely on you. But make sure your number of likes is proportional to your number of followers. Regardless of how much you will buy, we will complete all your orders within minutes.

Why I need to buy likes?

Having a good number of likes on Instagram is as important as having a good follower count. The likes your Instagram photo has reflects its popularity: it is like a review in a sense. You will also become more appealing to advertisers who will associate popularity with your brand and be willing to buy for themselves! Increased popularity buys investors, and that’s an internet fact! So buy your likes from us and see how much publicity we could be gaining on your behalf!

What I need to provide you for like packages?

We like to keep things simple and therefore we only ask you for your post's full linkNo password required. All you need to do is to type your full post link you want to be liked, check your phone and watch your Instagram profile grow!

Is it as important as followers?

Of course! Gaining great deal of likes on Instagram is very important to spread the word for promoting your business, build more connections and get featured on Instagram with obviously more number of users. It will eventually benefit your business in the long run. By achieving more number of likes on the profile page of Instagram, other users will notice you and would be interested to learn what your online business is about. We always recommend to keep your Instagram followers - likes balanced, it will help you to get more followers!

Do some people buy likes on Instagram?

An average of 300+ people use this service over Growline Center. Notably, more than 90% of our customers use this service constantly. A service rate of over 90% indicates that the service is working and positive.


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